I've Got It All (Most)

Did you see Say Hi Friday night at Musicfest Northwest? They were at Berbati's and... well... I didn't see them either, which is a shame because I think they're superb! Or, really, I should say that I think very highly of Eric Elbogen. Say Hi, in the recording studio, is pretty much his one man band and he records the majority of his/their stuff at his home. On a Mac. Kickass.

Say Hi is in this week's playlist, along with lots of other stuff that's been playing a lot in my iTunes, including The Big Pink, which is not a Portland band and has nothing to do with the tower we know as Big Pink. FYI.

I don't understand why it has taken Modest Mouse a few years to release an EP of tracks recorded for but not included on their last two albums. Hopefully it won't take too long before they're back with a new album. Time will tell.

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