Be Careful What You Wish For

Wish in one hand - shit in the other. See which fills first.

It'll be the hand with the wishes, of course, because wishes are in endless supply. Luckily, wishes are invisible. The only person who'll know how many you've got is you.

Feces becomes fertilizer.
Wishes become fertilizer as well.
Wishes fertilize dreams that never come true;
dreams that grow heavy in a heart.

Though an English professor would disagree, I assure you that 'wish' is not an action word. It is a word of pure inaction.

Wishing is sitting when you want to stand.
Wishing is looking when you want to leap.
Wishing is wanting without making an effort toward having or doing or changing or achieving.

I don't believe in wishing.

I see myself as a man of science. I study charts, graphs and equations. I value the ability to plot progress. I work toward achieving my goals.

Goals, like wishes, are invisible. No one sees them.
...Not even me.
...Not even you.
Instead, we imagine them in our heads, and we feel them in our hearts. But, unlike wishes, goals feel like hope.

Goals fertilize dreams that grow into a better tomorrow.
These are the dreams that come true.
They can, anyway.
I guess that's up toy you.

Goals have wings and they can fly.
Wishes are anchors for those who don't try.

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