They're Not Booing

Dear Philadelphia Eagles; The fans aren't booing. They're shouting Poodles. POOOOOODLES!!!!

There you go. A million jokes will be made of Michael Vick's return to the NFL, and now you've read mine. But all kidding aside, this is a serious topic that deserves serious thought. A million articles and blog posts will share a million thoughts about it. And since you're here, I'll give you mine.

Michael Vick committed horrible crimes. He was part of setting up, financing and running a dog fighting ring, and he killed dogs that did not compete well. Of this, there is no debate. Vick admitted his guilt. He was sent to prison where he served his time. And now, he is once again a free man.

I do feel there's a lesson to be learned from all of this, but I fear it's the wrong lesson that's being learned.

I see people celebrating the felon who tells us he's changed his ways more than people celebrate those who choose not to do wrong in the first place. Even worse, I fear we're teaching children that it's ok to do wrong - even horribly and criminally wrong - so long as they eventually change their ways. That's precisely what Michael Vick has done and he's being rewarded for it with millions. 1+ million this season and 5+ for the next.

Yes, Vick served his time in prison. And, yes, he might even have changed his ways enough to warrant forgiveness.

Forgiving misdeeds should not include rewarding them. Vick just landed a millionaire salary, and he'll certainly end up with a book deal plus who knows what else. That's a poor example for kids who struggle to stay on the right path. Vick deserves a chance to rebuild his life. But does he deserve to be back in the NFL? I say No.

No wonder so many kids are screwed up these days. Look who we give them to look up to.

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karen said:

amen! couldn't of said it better myself!

::::: | August 15, 2009 7:59 PM

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