Is There A Greater God?

Once every ten days, I pick Duncan up from the cabinet perch atop which he rests. I put him in the sink. Upon his leaves, I make it rain.

I think Duncan is a houseplant.
Duncan thinks I am God
Who is to say we're not both right?

I woke this morning to find that the God of man is making it rain in Portland. Well, he's not the God of all men as I don't believe in deities (other than myself, naturally, but that's beside the point).

Does a greater God make it rain from time to time on our God? Who puts the God man created in the sink?

Oh God!

...does that mean Duncan created ME?

Wow. I might have to give that little green son of a bitch a drought just to keep his ego in check.

::::: | Tuesday, Aug 25 2009 at 10:38 AM
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