They Wander Away... From Me

It seems that there have been lots of disappointing CDs over the past few months. New Killers? It's ok. New Ben Folds? It's not bad, I suppose. New U2? So so.

I spent so much time looking forward to so many releases, and yet, I've found myself far more inspired by recent finds from artists I'd never heard of. There are several of these in this week's playlist. Greg Laswell, Angus & Julia Stone, Audrye Sessions, Glen Hansard, etc.

Who is Greg Laswell? I don't know, but "The One I Love" is a superb tune! It's a both catchy and sad (in a very good way) song about a man running away from his fear of commitment, even though he knows he's making a terrible mistake.

Another gem I've stumbled onto recently is by the marvelous Australian brother/sister duo Angus & Julia Stone. Come to think of it, their song "Another Day" is about the same sort of thing.

There goes another day,
don't suppose I'll come out to play
with you.
I'll just sit at home,
write another song
about how I wanted to

Get Angus & Julia Stone's stuff on eMusic, or iTunes. Seriously - it's great!

One more from this week's playlist to point out: Noah's Arkweld. Their new album is called "Names For Shapes That Don't Exist." You can listen to the whole thing on their site. You can buy it there too.

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