The Facebook Twenty Five

If you're on Facebook, surely you've been tagged with the "25 things" meme that's going around. It's like the office cold, but with quirky info (everybody ends up getting it).

Speaking of Facebook, feel free to add me.

Here's my list:

1. I have an undying love of sweet potatoes. If asked, I'll say that yams can kiss my ass, but truth be told, they're cool too.

2. I am a creature of habit. Don't introduce me to a new restaurant if you aren't going to want to go back there (again and again). At said restaurant, I'll endlessly debate what to have even though I'll probably order what I had last time. And I'll enjoy it. Again.

3. I am what I like to call a hard-core realist-idealist, except that I'm not afraid to put the idealism first so long as there's enough realism to turn idealism into action.

4. My favorite color is all of them.

5. At a very young age, I began collecting rare music on vinyl. Here's just one example among many: At age 16, I had an original 45 single of 'Communication Breakdown' by Led Zeppelin, which was noteworthy because it had the otherwise unreleased 'Hey Hey What Can I Do' as the B side. A decade later, those fuckers included it on a CD box set. So much for my rarity. These days, thanks to mp3s, nothing is rare. There's still plenty that's obscure, but nothing is rare. It's all just 1s and 0s waiting to be traded.

6. Hot, squish bread makes me very happy.

7. I once flew on an airplane that a terrorist organization made a point of noting that they wouldn't say whether or not it had a bomb on it. This was 1989 and I was in South America. Security searched all passengers individually in private booths prior to boarding. The man who searched me ran his hands along the outside of my clothing until he found the spot in my jeans where the front pocket seams meet (if that's what you call it... follow one of your pants-pockets to the bottom and you'll find the spot I'm talking about). He tugged it and looked up at me as if expecting me to say something, but really, there was nothing to be said. It was my pocket! If I chose to point that out, I'd come off as condescending, whereas if I said what I was really thinking, I'd have been arrested (I wanted to say "We'd both still alive, so clearly it isn't a bomb... now can I get on the plane?")

8. The very first time I was eligible to vote, I intentionally registered as a republican so I could vote against George H. W. Bush in the primaries. I voted for.. oh god, it pains me to admit this... I voted for... No. No, I can't. It's too awful. I... I... OK!!! I voted for Pat Buchanan! There, I said it. But here's the thing: Bill Clinton was going to easily win my state, so I chose to risk wasting my vote in order to cast a protest vote.

9. I thought the whole Harry Potter thing was stupid - until I read the first book. After that, I was hooked. When the final book was published, I turned off the TV and all internet access until I could finish reading it because I knew there would be some you-know-what (and I KNOW you do!) who'd try to ruin the ending for everyone. I'll never understand why people do that... but they do. And since I'm an excruciatingly slow reader, no one saw me for days.

10, I enjoy the word Phenomenal.

11. I can be talked into almost anything so long as the word 'breakfast' is attached. I once helped a friend move from Houston to Minneapolis just because he said "I'll pick you up at 3 AM, we'll do breakfast and then hit the road." 3AM? Well, he did mention breakfast.

12. Red wine. Definitely.

13. I'm so atheist that I don't even believe in atheism. I believe in me. And I believe in you.

14. Give me a kite, a little wind and room to roam, and I become a 6 year old all over again.

15. I loves me an occasional Subway five.... dollar... foot... long. Especially a spicy italian with pepperoncinis. Come to think of it, I like a spicy Italian even if she doesn't have pepperoncinis.

16. I have no ability to be random. Here's proof: I dated a woman who enjoyed having 'random fights'. She'd yell a random word at me and I would yell a random word back at her.
She'd say: "Hippopotamus!"
I'd say: "Erector set!"
She'd say: "A lobotomy!"
I'd say: "A Tonka dump truck!"
She'd say: "Strawberries!"
I'd say: "An official 1958 Wham-O Hula Hoop, that just so happens to be in MINT CONDITION!"
...and, like a wanna-be actress walking out of the hospital after plastic surgery, I'm busted! I tried to hide my lack of randomness with specificity because mine were all classic toys. When she said "A lobotomy" I wanted to say "A phlebotomy!" When she said "Strawberries!" I wanted to shout back "Snozzberries!!!" Instead, I tried to be equally random but found myself stuck on a theme.

17. I love Ben & Jerry's ice cream and can easily eat an entire pint in one sitting. I can, but shouldn't. The problem is that if I fail to stop at the half-way point, I'll finish the whole pint... because there won't be enough left for a decent serving next time, right? Right? Exactly!

18. I over-use ellipses. ...and why shouldn't I? There's always more to the story. Dot dot dot...

19. Due to the state of the economy, there is no #19. Cutbacks are literally everywhere these days. If I were to have included a number 19, it would have probably been something about the color of the sky moments after sunset.

20. I am a diehard hopeless romantic and proud to say so.

21. My favorite game is Craigslist-Scrabble (otherwise known [by me] as Myspace Scrabble). The rules are simple: Only misspelled, mis-used or otherwise mangled words are playable.

22. My voting record is pretty impressive. I voted for the winner every time the good person won.

23. If a woman gives me flowers on a date, she practically owns me.

24. When I lived in Texas, whenever ordering drinks, I used to ask if they had a stout on tap. I did this just to be a pain in the ass. After you've lived in Portland, the rest of the country is a beer-wasteland. I finally stopped doing this when a waiter came back to my table with a can of Guinness and proceeded to do a sky-pour from high above the glass. This gave me 1/100th of a glass of Guinness and 99/100ths of a glass of Guinness foam. Having learned my lesson, from that day on, I asked if they had a porter on tap.

25. I made an effort to space out the longer items on this list. See #16 if you don't understand why.

26. A bonus one because #25 shouldn't really count: I'd be happy if every day was partly cloudy and 58 degrees.

27. This was written for a facebook 25 things meme. After writing a list of 25 favorite things, you're supposed to tag 25 people. I didn't do that though. I accidentally created one piece of spam already, and one is one too many. A few years ago, in an attempt to have a specific person stop forwarding bullshit email to me, I wrote what I thought was a hilarious letter regarding cliche types of spam that suck. Apparently, that person forwarded it to everyone he knew, and some of those people forwarded it... and... yeah. Over time, the letter was forwarded to me by various people who had no idea I'd written it.

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Ryan Roos said:

Rob! Thanks for providing an entertaining '25' even though its "all about you" it sure was fun! I too overuse the ... but its more of an aesthetic thing for me. Happy to hear your up n' bloggin'...just had to say, "HEY"...with the z-snap...why not?!


ps - do you also have a thing for the Pillsbury Dough Boy?? Hot, squish, No? ;-)

pps - don't you hate it when people do that...pps- whatever...but I did have a reason...just wanted to say I GOT A MAC! ;-)

::::: | February 11, 2009 12:14 AM

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