Five Of The Best... Sort Of

Here's a fun blurb from KATU: "DRAFT magazine has tapped five bars in Portland for their 'Best Beer Bars in America'." Two from my neighborhood made the list: Henry's 12th Street Tavern and Higgins. I'm a fan of Henry's, more for their happy hour than their beer, however.

The Henry's beer menu is a monster, jam-packed with some of the most delicious brews imaginable, but they don't list prices for any of them. I have trouble really enjoying an eight dollar pint. Ahh, but that's not a problem since I won't know how much I spent until the bill arrives. If anyone from Henry's reads this - come on guys... that's crap. I'm not saying I wouldn't pay more for an amazing beer, but I'd like to know up front. On the other hand, Henry's happy hour menu is cheap and delicious.

Higgins feels a bit too stuffy for me... but then again, if it made this list, I should give it another try.

On a side note, I love how KATU quotes an article in Draft Magazine, but they only link to the Draft Magazine website rather than to the article they cited. Interestingly, six bars from Milwaukee made the list, and those fuckers didn't even bother linking to Draft Magazine at all.

These are supposedly "The 25 Best Beer Bars In America", but there's a catch. They rate these bars based on food, service and beer... but beer from where? Guinness is delicious, but isn't it better in Ireland? Portland is a beer mecca. I'd choose the Rogue brewpub over Henry's if I'm going strictly for beer. They have world class beers and they're made here, in Oregon. Or what about The New Old Lompoc? Great beer, and it's from here.

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