Slip, Sliding Away

It's snowing again, but the temperature downtown has climbed above 32 degrees, so who knows what to expect today. Local weathermen are calling for snow, rain and sleet with wind, frozen sidewalks and snowy roadways, cats and dogs living together in harmony, republicans smelling like pachouli and the possibility of Sarah Palin without a single wink or You Betcha!

Yep, it's going to be that sort of day.

So... why not stay indoors and enjoy some local youtube action:

The video was created by a man named Bob Cronk and shows cars trying to exit the South Waterfront neighborhood. I'm guessing it's the corner of SW Moody and Gaines?

This is Portland. We're totally unprepared for this sort of weather since we see it so rarely. Stay home if you can. Be safe.

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