A Christmas Wish

"I wish it would snow, even if just a little, even if for the final time this winter. Just a little Christmas snow."

As those words left my fingertips, the West Hills disappeared in a shroud of gray, obscured by snow falling from the sky and swirling in the breeze. Unsure as to whether my wish had been answered or if it had been purely a coincidence, I decided to try again - this time, with a list. I already got my Christmas snow. It's falling as I type this. I wonder how much more I can wish for? There's only one way to find out.

My Christmas Wish List:

I wish for the strength to let go of my bad habits.
I wish for the courage to let go of old grudges.
I wish for a sense of purpose.
I wish for the ability to better focus on priorities.
I wish for clarity.
I wish for the creativity I seem to have lost as of late.
I wish for new adventures that will later evolve into stories to tell.
I wish for courage.
I wish for a tomorrow that is better than today.
I wish for less doubt.
I wish for my shyness to be replaced by assertiveness and confidence.
I wish for more beauty in my life.

After a pause to gaze out the window, taking in the marvelous sight of Christmas snow falling, I realized the foolishness of my Christmas wish list. Why wish for things I can give myself?

Tomorrow, I will start to try harder to make my wishes come true. For today I am satisfied with my Christmas snow.

On second thought, I do have one more Christmas wish.

I wish you love.

::::: | Thursday, Dec 25 2008 at 12:58 PM
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Shawnte said:

Thank you. I think, for once, I may have actually found it. For real, this time.

::::: | December 25, 2008 7:06 PM

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