It's Like Duck, Duck, Goose, But With Turkeys, Turkeys And Death

Next week, as TV news programs seek out a few light-hearted feel-good fluff pieces to fill airtime with anything that isn't doom and gloom, they will show footage of George Bush officially pardoning a Turkey for Thanksgiving.

Bo... RING.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, turned her local version of the dull event into a spectacle in the way that only she can.

Keep you eye on... actually, don't. You probably don't want to watch this, so I'll just tell you what happens instead. While Sarah gives a folksy interview to a local reporter about how happy she is, turkeys are being beheaded in the background. Remember the game of Duck, Duck, Goose? Her media event was like that, except it was Death, Death, Pardon - all on camera for us to enjoy. Oh, look! Her shirt color-coordinates with the blood and gore behind her. Well done Sarah!

I love Sarah Palin. Really, honestly, I do.

When John McCain first trotted her out onto the national stage, I thought she was a joke. And I was right!

She. Is. A. Joke.

What I didn't understand at the time was that THAT was the point. Of course she wasn't qualified to be president of the USA. She's qualified to be president of the PTA, but little else.

Yeah, well who cares? Debating such things as intelligence and competence only serves to distract from what makes Sarah Palin so wonderful. She truly is a gift to humankind because she provides a seemingly endless supply of laughter to us all.

Take, for example, TV news interviews. Oh dear god, there is nothing more mind-numbing than watching a politician being interviewed... unless that politician is Sarah Palin. She can see Russia from her house! She knows the difference between Africa the continent and Africa the country (Africa the what?)! She's a bargain shopper ($150,000 wardrobe says WHAT?!?)! ...I could go on and on... the Bush Doctrine, Bridge To Nowhere money that still sits in Alaska, her secessionist husband... You betcha. WINK!

Sarah Palin is a joke, but she's a joke in a world that needs more laughter. That's why I hope she continues to seek out news cameras. A wiser person would have disappeared after the defeat she ensured for the McCain campaign... but not our Sarah!

And that's why I love her.

As long as there is breath in her lungs, there will be more laughs for us. I can't guarantee the same for turkeys though.

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