The Real Mavericks

The term 'maverick' began in the mid-1800s with Samuel Maverick. He was considered an independent thinker because he refused to brand his cattle. His story is fascinating. He was at The Alamo where the Texas Declaration of Independence was drafted and was one of those who signed it at Washington (Washington-on-the-Brazos, in Texas, that is). By this time, sadly, all of those defending the Alamo from the Mexican army were dead.

Another important member of the Maverick family was Maury Maverick.

Maury Maverick was part of FDR's New Deal administration, which came into power in 1932 in time to literally save this country from the Great Depression with bold innovations and bold moves. [source]

Fontaine Maverick is the grand-daughter of Maury Maverick, and the great, great grand-daughter of Samuel Maverick. She's made her opinion clear regarding John McCain claiming to be a mavrick:

Every time we hear that use of our name, it is like fingernails on a blackboard times ten....

John McCain has voted with Bush administration 90 percent of the time. It is this administration, and these Republicans, who are mostly responsible for bringing this country to it's knees with its foreign policy and it's economic policy. McCain is the antithesis of what we need to pull us out of this terrible situation.

As it turnes out, real Mavericks support Barack Obama.

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More Info:
Samuel Maverick
Maury Maverick

...and, most importantly...

"Taking Back a Family Name"

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On Monday, the stock market closed below 10,000. Today, the market dropped another 675 points, closing below 9000. That's particularly noteworthy because exactly one year ago today, the stock market closed at 14,198.

What is John McCain talking about today on the campaign trail? Obama and Bill Ayers? Are you fucking kidding me? Really? It would be EASY for Obama to start talking about how McCain helped fund terrorists in both Iran and Afghanistan, but he isn't.

When the election is over, I can't help thinking John McCain will be embarrassed by his own behavior.

A Maverick, John McCain is not.

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