Is Gordon Smith Giving Up On Portland?

If, like me, you live in Portland, you deserve a better voice in the U.S. Senate than that of Gordon Smith. All you need to hear is this clip from his latest TV spot and you'll understand why he isn't running the ad here in Portland:

What a fraud this clown is. He's a hard-core Republican until a tough election comes along, at which point he bails on his own party. His loyalty to Oregon is equally untrue. He represents our entire state, yet he has no problem turning Oregonians against each other if it gets him a few more votes.

Make no mistake when you vote. If re-elected, Gordon will be back to his extreme right wing ways as of November 5th.

Just because Gordon Smith is good enough for Dick Cheney doesn't mean he's good enough for Portland.

He's certainly not good enough for me.

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