One From The Fake Way To Normal

It's Monday, which means it's time to post a playlist... click the image below to give it a listen.

One highlight to point out: Ben Folds has a new CD on the way called "Way To Normal." It's going to be released on September 30th. Knowing the album will probably get leaked onto the internet, Folds decided to leak it himself - except he leaked a fake version of the album, complete with fake songs. "Bitch Went Nutz" is one of them, and it's track #1 on this week's playlist.

Here's what Ben Folds says about Bitch Went Nutz:

This is what the fake lyrics allowed me to do -- completely write earnestly from the point of view of a Republican ex-fratboy guy who's trying to make it at his law firm and is horrified 'cause his girlfriend has left, liberal views and it's fun. It's about a girl who's my hero. She's like Jane Fonda and goes and does too many drugs at some lawyer's party and the last line says she shouted 'Fuck Dick Cheney' and puked on floor."

The entire article about the real and fake versions of Way To Normal is HERE.

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