Foreclosed Voters

There's so much bad politics swirling around this election cycle. The worst thing we could possibly do is be uninformed about it. With that in mind, I'm passing along the following quote from the chairman of the Republican Party in Macomb County, Michigan in hopes that you pass it on as well:

"We will have a list of foreclosed homes and will make sure people aren't voting from those addresses" [SOURCE]

Lose your house, lose your vote? This is why we so desperately need change - and not just in Washington.

These are scary times indeed.

::::: | Tuesday, Sep 23 2008 at 12:05 AM
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R Miller said:

I have heard conflicting reports and accusations.
Thank you for your article.
Foreclosed Homes and Real Estate

::::: | September 23, 2008 3:41 AM

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