Autumn Is A Kiss

Leaves will soon turn yellow, red, orange and brown. We will watch them fall as we wander through the canopy of trees. We will swish our feet through them as they lay on the ground. We will smell them as if they are brand new - as if we haven't repeated the experience countless times in years past.

But it's all old.
It's all been done before.
...by us.

Yeah, well so what?

Each year, autumn is like a first kiss. I wait for it. I tremble with anticipation when the moment arrives. And then I lose myself in it, as if I've never felt autumn before.

I see it.
I hear it.
I smell it.
I taste it.
I feel it.
And I joyfully lose myself in it.

Finally, autumn has arrived in Portland.

It's cool and breezy, but not yet cold.
It's wet, but not drenching.
It is green, but hints of reds, yellows and browns are easy to find.
It tastes like a bowl of clam chowder.
It smells like wet leaves.
It feels like a comfy jacket.
And, at least to me, it sounds like this:

As I look over this playlist, I see songs from two of the best albums from the 90s - REM's Automatic For The People and Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes - plus songs from two of the best of this decade: Death Cab's Transatlanticism and Hem's Rabbit Songs. And I find myself reminded of the timelessness of it all. And then I think about autumn. The joys of autumn are equally timeless.

::::: | Monday, Sep 22 2008 at 12:00 AM
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riye said:

This is so great. It really captures that melancholy quiet of walking down a street on a cool gray day, bright leaves swirling around you as you wonder if the kiss is the first of many or the last.

::::: | September 23, 2008 1:00 PM

Anonymous said:

I am always looking forward to your Monday playlists, mostly because they are my primary source to introducing myself to new music. This has to be the first time that I've come across a playlist of yours that contains a handfull of my favorite and most played songs. Silent All These Years (I like the Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco version best) and Samson seem to be on every playlist I make within the last 6 months.

"You are my sweetest downfall"

Those words, that phrase....

::::: | September 23, 2008 9:14 PM

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