Music = Pizza = Sex

Is it just me, or are we in the doldrums in terms of new music? Holy crap am I bored with my iTunes library lately. As I search for new music to get excited about (Frightened Rabbit), I find myself digging deeper into older music I missed the first time around (The Damnwells).

Maybe the problem isn't so much the music these days as it is the way we (Ok, "I") enjoy music.

I was standing in a record store in the fall of 2000 when a song came on the speakers overhead. I marched to the front of the store to ask the girl at the register out what she was listening to.

"Coldplay" she said.
"Coldplay" I bought.

I had a seven disk CD changer in my stereo back then, which usually held the newest disks I'd bought and whatever I couldn't stop listening to. Coldplay's 'Parachutes' lived in that CD changer for over a year.

But that was a different time. The end of an era, really.

It was a time of album art and liner notes, when music was still bought in brick and mortar stores. Listening to an album from beginning to end was still something people did.

Do we even listen to CDs these days? No. More often than not, we load them... into our computers and our iPods if not into our phones. We load them up and spit them out, tearing through music like it's water.

For some reason, the change from CD to mp3 has made music more disposable. A new album used to be a four course meal, but now it's a pizza from the frozen food isle.

Then again, they say pizza is like sex. Even bad pizza is better than no pizza, eh?

Here's some pizza that may or may not be new to you:

This week's playlist is just a collection of what I've been listening to lately. Of the music I've bought recently, I'm most hooked on an EP called PMR+1 by The Damnwells. PMR stands for Poor Man's Record, which they re-released on iTunes with an extra track. Hence the plus one.

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Shawnte said:

I don't know, man...

Bad sex is just...bad. And I've had pizza that's made me very ill the next day.

I definitely still buy CD's. I've recently been buying a lot of EP's from local talent here in Toronto. That stuff still keeps me excited about music.

::::: | August 13, 2008 9:37 AM

Me! said:

Well, as they say, your milage (or sex, or pizza) may vary.


::::: | August 13, 2008 9:55 AM

Lindsay said:

Ok, I finally gave in and started a blog. Just wanted to stop by to say HELLO!!

::::: | August 15, 2008 2:58 PM

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