Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

I'm addicted to people watching - so much so, in fact, that it's almost a problem.

When I'm walking around town...
When I'm shopping...
When I'm looking out of my apartment windows...
When I'm riding mass transit...
When I'm waiting for a friend...

...I'm people watching.

Among the many things to watch people doing, I particularly enjoy watching them share hellos and goodbyes.

My favorite hello is the classic two-lovers-reunited at the airport. It begins with the first eye contact as the traveling lover passes through the arriving gate, followed by a rush to weave through the crowd until the two lovers collide in a tight embrace, often leaving the arriving lover's baggage in the path of other travelers who are often trying to do the same damn thing. It's a wonderful spectacle.

My least-favorite goodbye is the end-of-summer white-trash teenage breakup at the bus terminal. Need I say any more?

Actually - I take that last comment back. My least favorite goodbye is the loss of great talent. Music is art, and art is a gift to us all. We've lost so many who had so much more to share.

Jeff Buckley, rest in peace.

P.S. Note the second version of Poe's Hello at the end of the playlist. I'm not sure that was ever released as anything other than a radio single.

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