All Things Go, All Things Go

For your listening pleasure, a playlist of places to go - or not go, depending on whatever floats your travel boat. With gas at over $4 a gallon, boat might be the way to go - assuming you've got a sail (or oars maybe).

I love the title of that last one. I've flown in and out of Dallas many times and have absolutely no love for either DFW airport or Love Field. On the other hand, Chicago is a marvelous place to go, and this particular version of Chicago by Sufjan Stevens is pretty marvelous as well. It's from "The Avalanche" CD, which is a collection of extras and out-takes from Illinois. Good stuff!

::::: | Monday, Jul 14 2008 at 11:46 AM
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nuemes said:

From my favorite AMC album; Eitzel is to music what Wittgenstein was to philosophy. Or David Rees is to comics. I'd bet there's a cheese analogy out there somewhere too.

::::: | July 15, 2008 11:50 AM

Me! said:

Mercury really was a fantastic album. It's my favorite American Music Club album too, although Everclear is a close second (with San Francisco a close 3rd). Such great stuff...

::::: | July 15, 2008 11:55 AM

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