It's The Feel-Good Hit Of The Summer

What the heck is up with the weather in the Pacific Northwest? Granted, Sunday was really nice. Here in Portland, we had a mostly sunny day with temps in the upper 60s, but Sunday felt like the exception in a rule of cold, wet weather.

...and the work week begins with more rain and cold.

...and to me, it sounds like this (yes, even a song called Sunny Road sounds like a rainy day song).

I will feed you fries with steak sauce
I will keep the price below the cost
I will lead the way from all is lost

catch it while you can
its the feel good hit of the summer

['I will keep the bad things from you' by The Damnwells]

We didn't get much of a spring in Portland this year, but maybe summer will be here soon? One never knows...

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