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This was supposed to be a Postal Service inspired playlist. I woke this morning with 'We Will Become Silhouettes' in my head, so, after pouring myself a cup of coffee and making sure there weren't any emergencies waiting in my email (oh, the joys of the freelancer), I started building this week's Jalpuna Radio playlist.

The sky was completely overcast at 8am, and I think my mood became overcast as well because the songs get dark as the playlist goes on.

Luckily, by noon, the sky had become a brilliant blue. That's one of my favorite things about Portland in June. I love the marine layer of air that sweeps in overnight and burns off by late morning. It feels like the city perks up each day at the same pace I do.

Even with the blue sky, I'm having trouble believing summer is almost here. The first half of June felt more like winter than late spring.

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