My College Radio Days

A few weeks ago, the most astonishing thing happened to me. I received an email from someone who used to listen to my radio show when I was in college. We never met, but he used to call in to my show from time to time. Last week, he looked me up online and emailed to find out if I had a list of songs I used to play on the air.

I should note that my last day of hosting that show was 14 years ago. I graduated from Edinboro University Of Pennsylvania in 1994.

...wow! Has it really been that long?

College was an amazing time for me. I never went through a rebellious phase. Never did the binge drinking thing. I wasn't a partier, wasn't into the frat scene or college sports. For me, college life was about four things:

Classes, hanging out with my roommate, spending time with my girlfriend, and college radio.

I won't lie; my college days were filled with a lot of luck. I had the greatest roommate a guy could hope for. We spent all four years living together, and he was a great friend. No, better than that. I loved him like a brother.

I was equally lucky at love. I met my first girlfriend on my first day on campus and we dated for two wonderful years. I met my next girlfriend a few months later, and she eventually became my fiance. Though we never did marry, we were together for over three years. I will always be thankful for my time with each of those women.

I was no less lucky when it came to college radio. My college had an FM station and I got involved at the beginning of my freshman year. By the time I graduated, I'd served as a music director, news director and twice as general manager.

Each Sunday night from 8 to 11pm, I hosted a show called Radio Free Edinboro, which sounded a little something like this...

I usually keep these playlists down to ten or eleven songs, but that's hard to do when there's so much ground to cover, so it's a double this week.

P.S. On a totally unrelated note - Happy Memorial Day!

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