If The Best Is For The Best Then The Best Is Unkind

Dear people of Earth. Yes, all of you. Thanks a frigging lot for waiting so long to tell me about the band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I blame you all, both individually and collectively, for not introducing me to their music years ago, and I wonder: what other gems are you hiding from me? Hhhmmmmm???

I first heard of them when I started listening to Slacker last fall (if you haven't checked out Slacker yet, you really should. Bad name - great site). Thanks to the Multnomah County Library, I got a crash course on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club when three of their CDs in my hold list were available at the same time. GAH! Too much goodness to quickly absorb at once! Too much... too much!

I've been on a twang binge for the last few weeks, and loving every minute of it - hence this week's playlist.

If that Wreckers song piques your curiosity, consider yourself warned: the rest of their album is the worst kind of bubblegum country, and it even fails at being that. I had trouble just making it to the chorus of most of their songs before skipping to the next track. Lucky for me, I picked it up at the Library.

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