A Taste Of Narrow Stairs

This week's playlist is intentionally a bit more difficult than it should be. Oh, sure, it starts with a pleasantly poppy tune by Death Cab For Cutie, but give it time and you'll understand.

I'm in a difficult mood tonight.

I had to give notice to my landlord today, letting him know I'll be moving out next month. Some way to spend Easter, eh? Well, I've had four or five colds during the past twelve months plus a case of bronchitis, and that's more illness more than I normally experience in a period of years. I believe these are related to a flood my building experienced a year and a half ago (and the high humidity my place has had ever since... and mold?).

Luckily, I found a new place to turn into a home. It's a bit cheaper than where I am now and has a wonderful view, but it's not as sexy as the loft I'm now renting. The decision to give up such a gorgeous and creative space was very difficult. There were so many pros and cons to weigh, but really, the pros are appearance and the cons are health related. I put off making the decision to move until the absolute last moment, and that moment is tonight since I'll be signing a lease on a new place this coming week.

Enough about that... I'm sure I'll go into it in detail later. Now it's time for a new playlist, so... are you on my side? (see track 4)


Hey hey hey... there's a new Death Cab For Cutie CD on the way. It's called Narrow Stairs and it'll be released on May 13th. I can't wait. OK, I can, but that's only because I have to. This week's playlist opens with a track from my favorite Death Cab album, 2004's "Transatlanticism" and it closes with the first track released from Narrow Stairs. Check it out. The album is getting rave reviews, but time will tell.

Another favorite this week is "Face" by the amazing Irish band Bell X1. I've been posting their songs here for two years, and FINALLY, their 2006 album "Flock" is getting released in the U.S., which means they're working singles I've beaten to death for two years. GOD! I'm so ready for something new... but since they've got nothing new, I'm posting something old. "Face" is from their hard to find 2002 album "Neither Am I."

And one more worth highlighting - the ever so difficult "A Single Explosion" from Matthew Good. His latest album "Hospital Music" is suuuuuuuuperb.

::::: | Monday, Mar 24 2008 at 12:03 AM
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riye said:

Hey Rob: Sorry you have to move. I'm sure all the neighborhood peepers and their binoculars will be sad to see you go. (kidding!) Your new place will doubtless be as fab as the old one--will you get it done up in time for Apt. Therapy's smallest coolest contest?

::::: | March 25, 2008 12:34 PM

Me! said:

Oh, definitely not. I won't be moving until mid-April. Also, I learned a lesson about that contest. Never submit your place until you've lived there for a year because it takes time to really work through a new space and turn it into a home.

::::: | March 25, 2008 1:27 PM

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