Revisionist History

The seventies never really sounded like this...

...not that it matters.
...not that it doesn't.

Nothing ever is as it was, but there's beauty in the here and now.

When I think back on the past, I tend to remember it as being better than it really was. My mind lingers along the detailed roads of a previous relationship, but rather than glaring at the stop signs I should have seen, I take in the beautiful scenery. It's too late to change the outcome of yesterday, but that shouldn't prevent one from finding a bit of beauty there.

I try to never forget that the past can be a friend or a foe.

The past as a friend: "...there was a girl and she was oh so cute." Damn right she was.

The past as a foe: "She was the one that got away." Bullshit. She was in love with another man.

...but she was beautiful.

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