Come On NFL! Get It Right!

How much money does the National Football League rake in every year? Millions? Billions? It's crazy.

With so much money at stake, you'd think they'd do everything they can to get as many people as possible to watch the games, right?

Well, the 2007 regular season is over and this is the first weekend of playoffs. It's actually a weekend of wild-card games where eight teams with so-so records battle it out for the final four playoff slots.

We're talking about the NFL here. Want to know when the four wild-card games will be played this weekend? Common sense would suggest I could find the info at NFL.com, right?

When are the Seahawks playing the Redskins?


SATURDAY AT 4:30PM? But that's the same time the Titans are playing the Chargers.

Come on NFL. The time you've posted for the Titans/Chargers game is clearly wrong. They're playing on Sunday. Get it right.

Attention to details. GOD! That shit drives me nuts.

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The following is more for myself and a few friends, but I'll post it in case you're interested... all times are for Portland (in other words, Pacific).

Wild Card Round

Divisional Playoffs

Conference Championships

Super Bowl XLII

My hope for the Superbowl: New England verses either Green Bay or Seattle. (Granted, Seattle is unlikely, but hey, I'm an optimist).

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Christa said:

I've followed (aka stalked) you via your blog for quite some time now (and thanks by the way!) ... but I have to admit, occassionally I will be completely suprised by something. I had no idea you followed football so closely! A long shot in Seattle would be fun!

::::: | January 7, 2008 10:40 AM

Me! said:

I lived in Chicago the year the Bears won the Superbowl in the 80s. I was a freshman in high school, and it was impossible not to get swept up in it all.

Football is the only pro sport I follow, and I only tend to follow it when I'm single... when I'm dating someone, I have better things to do on a Sunday :)

::::: | January 7, 2008 11:18 AM

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