Awe Shuckabee

As Yogi Berra once said, it's like deja-vu, all over again. With the Iowa caucus behind us, it's not hard to imagine the presidential election being a race between eloquence and awe shucks.

Obama verses Huckabee?

That's a horrifying thought because people tend to vote for the candidate they like, rather than the candidate they believe in, and it's hard to not like Mike Huckabee.

...unless you're a writer on strike.

What the Huck?

Over the past few weeks, Awe Shuckabee has shown himself to be clueless with gaffs about national intelligence, Iran, Pakistan and more. Just last night, he claimed to support the writers on strike, but he crossed the picket line to appear on the Tonight Show. The very next day, voters in Iowa turned out in droves to support HIM.

...Is that even what you call these people in Iowa? Voters? Caucusers? Eh?

As much as it concerns me how states like Iowa have so much power in the process of choosing a president, I'd be even more worried by a national primary - and I can't believe I'm saying that!

If we'd held a national primary today instead of the Iowa caucus, the winners would most likely have been Hillary Clinton and Gargamel Giuliani.

Rudy is Gargamel

Would I vote for Hilary? Oh hell yes. But I don't think Gargamel should even be an option.

...then again - Huckabee might be even worse. Huckabee might be folksy enough to win. He could be the next Dubya.

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