Tracing Circles Around The Sun

Another 365 days have nearly passed, and here we are, preparing for a new year as if anything will change. As if anything ever does.

We are just tracing circles around the sun with another not quite yet begun.

We have hopes and fears for the coming new year, but all that is new will soon too be old and our hopes and our fears will become stories told. We will inevitably tell them under a foolish belief that the world has become new, as if anything has changed. As if anything ever does.

More foolish than belief is no belief at all.

Some believe in a god, others believe in science. I believe in you, which just might be the most foolish belief of all.


But I have seen this spot before - this particular point in the circle we trace around the sun. It is the same as it was 365 days ago, and 365 days before then. I've seen it before and so have you, yet somehow, we think it is different simply because we are here.

Oh, the self importance of humanity.

In another year, we will arrive at this very same spot in the sky - you and I. We are just tracing circles around the sun. What will we say as we approach yet another one? That the year is new? That anything has changed? That anything ever does? A circle isn't the only pattern so easily predicted.

Call it arrogant or call it naive, but I also believe this particular circle is mine. I will share my circle with you. Will you share your circle with me? I ask though I know the choice isn't ours to make. We are both here and the time is now. We are both tracing this circle around the sun.

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