Girl, Job, House, Life, Etc

I have this dream... it's a simple dream. In fact, my dream is as common as common gets. It's downright cliche.

I dream of getting the girl, the job, the house, the life. All of it.

The girl isn't a hundred pound supermodel with a C cup. Instead, she is as real as I am, flaws and all. I'll make her swoon, even after being together for years, and I'll never forget how lucky I am to be with her. We'll be fabulous DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids). Without even trying, she will inspire me to be a better man, because that's what love does.

The job is more of a challenge. I've already had my dream come true career, but the personal cost that came with it was higher than I was willing to pay.

The house isn't a house at all. It's a condo in the city. The center of the city. Downtown, or maybe Northwest. I'd love it to be a big open loft because I'd love the idea of coming home one day and saying to my wife "Y'know what? I'm bored. Let's sell all the furniture and start over." We'd paint the walls and redo the entire loft from scratch, creating a whole new look - and a whole new home.

And that brings me to the life. I already have the life, and I have no one but myself to blame for not doing a better job of living it.

2007 has been a good year for me. Parts of it were hard, and others were phenomenal. But I can do better, and that's what I need to do in 2008.

I need to do better - because I can.

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