Woo Hoo! Guess Who Bricked His Router?!?

If your guess is "you," you're wrong. The correct answer is ME.

That's right... I was dinking around with something that needed no dinking around with, and I turned my wireless router into a paperweight. And that's awesome since paperweights are so damn expensive these days.

The price of oil...
The price of paperweights...

...they're both going up, up, up.

Twenty years ago, a barrel of oil cost around $25, and a rock made for a fine paperweight. A pet rock, but a rock nonetheless.

Today, a barrel of oil hit a new record high of $96.70, and today, I accepted the fact that I've turned a $65 router into a paperweight. Or a doorstop. Or a brick. My options are endless (excluding anything wireless or routerish).

Cool as my new paperweight may be, I'd kinda sorta prefer to have a working wireless router.

I really should add a category to my blog called "my fault" because that's where this post belongs.

Ahhh well.

::::: | Tuesday, Nov 06 2007 at 4:32 PM
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oh no said:


you updated it with the wrong firmware didn't you. that's what i did to mine. fubar.

::::: | November 6, 2007 9:43 PM

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