First, this week's playlist. Then, a rant.

Three huge advancements for music since the year 2000.

#1: The iPod.
#2: The iTunes store.
#3: Radiohead.

God, I hope I'm right about that third one. I've been waiting for someone to find a way to release their music without the need for a record label, and Radiohead have done it. I hope their success leads other artists to do the same.

Basically, the story goes like this.... when Radiohead's contract with their record label expired, they decided to go it alone, releasing their new album In Rainbows by themselves. They're selling it on their website, and they're selling it for whatever people want to pay for it.


Want to pay $10 for their new album? OK. Want to pay ten cents? That's OK too.

The reason I see this as having the potential to be revolutionary is because the music industry is a god damn sham. If you pay $15 for a new CD, the band gets less than twenty five cents of that. Even worse, the record company bills the band for the cost of marketing the CD and setting up the band's tour.

And that's what makes Radiohead such pioneers. If you pay Radiohead $1 for their new album, you're giving them $0.75 more than if they had a record label and you paid $15 to buy any of their previous albums on CD.


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