A Movable Type Upgrade

All good things must come to an end. On the other hand, sub-par things are allowed to linger on forever. And ever. For Jalpuna to linger on for even another month, a huge upgrade was required behind the scenes.

When my site's spam catcher died last week, it meant it was time to go for Movable Type 4.0.1 or bust! On a woman, I like a nice bust. On a server? Not so much. And by server, I mean web-server, not the person who used to be called a waiter. I like a waiter with a nice bust, assuming the waiter is a woman. On a male waiter? Not so much.

The update turned out to be a pretty simple procedure, but I still had to spend a lot of time this weekend chasing down all of the bugs. Bugs? BUGS!!! Aaaaaaaaaaugh!!! Good god, I felt like I was back in Texas looking for roaches. Or worse... Florida.

I remember looking for an apartment when I was moving to Daytona Beach. Literally seconds after I asked the leasing agent if they had a problem with roaches, as we walked to the other side of the complex to check out an available unit we passed a sign that told me everything I needed to know. The apartment she was going to show me was on fucking Palmetto Drive. I can't say she lied though. Her exact words were "We have no problem with roaches." Indeed. I'm hoping my newly updated Movable Type install will be more bug free than Altantic Estates, or whatever the hell that rat trap was called. And, no, I sure as hell didn't end up living there.

It looks like all of Jalpuna's bugs have been squished. Hooray for that!

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