Wallpaper For The Soul

An eery drumbeat rolls on in a loop. A soft synth floats along with it. And a woman sings.

"I'll put my suitcase here for now,
I'll turn the TV to the bed.
But if no one calls
and I don't speak all day,
do I disappear?"

I find myself intrigued by how some of the hardest things to say are heard so easily when there's less sound to hide them in, and yet, so many musicians pour their hearts out with words they then bury in a forced fury. But not this song.

I ponder these thoughts as the woman sings...

"do you like being single?
Do you want me back?
Do you want me back?"

Everything But The Girl has long been one of my guilty pleasures. Walking Wounded and Temperamental are both phenomenal albums, and they were the inspiration for this week's playlist... at least, as a starting point. I picked a favorite song (one of many) and added ten more "sounds good with" tunes to arrive at this:

"Wallpaper for the soul
Like the one you stole a long time ago"

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