Register To Vote TODAY!!!!

If you're in Oregon and you're not registered to vote, do it TODAY!

All you need to do is print this voter registration form. Fill it out and get it in the mail in time to have today's date (10/16/07) postmarked on it. Why today's date? ...because today is the 21st day before the November election... and this one has a few important items to vote on.

Don't want our farms turned into strip malls and subdivisions? Vote YES on Measure 49!

Tax cigarettes to fund children's healthcare here in Oregon? Vote YES on Measure 50.

Want to poison kids' lungs in a strip mall hell hole that was once a family farm providing fresh vegetables to Portland farmer's markets and feel confident that those kids probably can't (puff puff, blow) afford to see a (puff puff, blow) doctor? Vote no on 49 and 50. You'll kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

I'm for the cigarette tax, but in my opinion, the real issue on this upcoming election is Measure 49.

Everything you need to know is HERE.

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