Oh, The Irony

Gore just won the Nobel peace prize.
Bush is still losing the Iraq war. And defending redefining torture. And blaming Iran for denying the holocaust while he denies the genocide in Turkey.

...oh, the country we could have been.

I've got to stop watching the news, but really, what else can I do when I'm sick on the couch? You wouldn't believe some of the mindless stuff I've watched.

I watched a one hour program about methane. I wish I was kidding.

On the upside, I watched Stephen Colbert on Letterman and on Larry King. And I learned about microbes which produce methane at the ocean floor. Surely that nugget of wisdom will come in handy someday. Right?

Luckily, I'm starting to feel better and might even be as good as new by Sunday. Hopefully I'll have gotten my internal clock working again. It's 2:15 am and I'm not tired at all.

::::: | Friday, Oct 12 2007 at 2:15 AM
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