The Seattle Slut

In Dallas, they have DART. Dallas Area Rapid Transit.
In San Francisco, there's BART. Bay Area Rapid Transit.
In Fresno...?

Go on... finish the joke for me. You know you want to.

Apparently, it really was called Fresno Area Rapid Transit until somebody caught the acronym in the initial press release, when it was quickly changed. No one wants to ride the FART, although a few people might want to light it...

...some people are like that.

But even better than Barts and Darts that lead to potentially lit Farts... let's talk about the Seattle SLUT.

Has mass transit ever seemed difficult? Well, in Seattle, it's easy, thanks to their new South Lake Union Trolley.

Oooooooh NO!!!!


Seattle's streetcar not-named desire won't be ready for action until December, but (naturally) there are already Ride The S.L.U.T. t-shirts.

Read more about the SLUT HERE.

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