The Places You Will Be From

I was on an airplane many years ago with a CD in one hand, and a walkman with dead batteries in the other.

"Awe fuck! Why didn't you guys let me know you were almost dead on the last flight. I would have bought replacements during the layover."

It's not that I expected the batteries to reply. I just wanted to make sure they know how displeased I was with my predicament and that I considered it completely their fault.

"I could have dropped you sons of bitches in the trash in Denver! Believe me, Denver trash is a hell of a lot better than where you bastards are gonna end up."

We were flying to Houston (the dead batteries and I, that is). To this day, I firmly believe they suffered. It was 75 degrees in Denver and 105 in Houston, not to mention gulf coast humidity thick enough to stop a truck. Would YOU want to end up in a Houston landfill? Oh yes, with their fate sealed, the batteries suffered.

As the flight attendant announced it was OK to use electronic devices, all I could do was read the CD's liner notes... and read, I did.

The disk was Never Loved Elvis by The Wonder Stuff - a frigging early 90s classic. Beneath the title of the song Caught In My Shadow were the words "Just a regular pop song. It won't hurt anybody."

That makes a fitting introduction to this week's Jalpuna Radio playlist. These are pop songs. They won't hurt anybody.

Not even you.

The title to this post is from Closing Time, by Semisonic, whereas the title to this playlist is just a play on the old alka-seltzer commercials...

I find it interesting that I never said I was from Texas even though I lived there for five years. On the other hand, after just a few months in Oregon, this is where I said I was from.

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