9/11 Is The New Smurf

Is it just me, or does Rudy Giuliani look a lot like Gargamel? He speaks a cartoon language with an amazing word that means anything and everything.

You say "Gun control?"
He says "Smurf."

You say "End the war."
He says "Smurf."

You: "Immigration?"
Him: "Smurf!"

You: "Energy independence?"
Him: "Smurf!"

You: "Let's talk about abortion."
Him: "SMURF!"

You: "Hey, how many wives have you had?"
Him: "Smurf, smurf, SMURF!"

You: "How are the kids?"
Him: "...surfing smurfs."

The problem is that the new Gargamel doesn't really say Smurf. He says 9/11.

A woman in Iowa asked about increasing federal support for H.I.V. medications, and Rudy Giuliani said smurf 9/11.


Giuliani Is Gargamel

Whenever Rudy speaks, I can't help looking to see if Azrael the cat is at his feet.

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