Yes! Yes! Oh God, YES!




Is it... rain?

Oh my god, Rain!

HOOOO-Haaa! Holy shit! Wheeeeee!!! It's rain!

Come to me, rain! Shower down upon my dirty streets. Wash away the grime and make this city that I call home look new again.

Oh, dear Rain, I thought you'd left me. I feared you might have gone forever, leaving me with nothing but a life of arid dryness, which I realize is redundant, but in my misery, I dwell in redundancy and repetitiveness. More words help to fill the time that is the empty void of my world - a world without rain.

To be left without you? I wondered what I could have done to deserve such a fate...

...but here you are! You've returned!

Oh, rain, you do love me! And I knew it! Yes, I knew it all along.

You... you sweet combination of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen... how beautiful you are! Don't think I didn't notice, because of COURSE I did.

Oh rain... I...
I think I...
...I think I love you.


I KNOW I love you.
I love you, rain.
Of this I have no doubts.
I. Love. YOU.

Shower me with your moistness.
Give me your wetness so that I too may be wet.
Wet, with YOU!
You, and I.

Splish upon my windows!
Splash upon my sidewalks!
Sploosh upon the innermost depth of my very soul.

Touch me in a way that no other airborne liquid can.

Be one, with ME!

Oh, delicious rain, I tell you this, and it is no lie... you have never looked nor smelled more divine than you do this evening.

Come to me. Come. Take my outstretched hand. Come! Drench me with your watery droplets. Share with me your slippery wetness.

It has been so long, and I... I have been so hot through the heat-wave.

Wash my clothes, for they are somewhat stinky from perspiration due to the heat-wave. The heat-wave was oh so brutal. And you... YOU! ...Oh, beautiful, magnificent rain...

You are here...
Here with me now,
just when I need you the most.

Oh, sweet rain... sweet clear fuid goddess from above... you marvelous aftermath of a cumulo-nimbus eruption, you... you temptress!

Come to me!
Shower down upon ME!!
Be one with me NOW!!!
You, and I!!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh YES!!!!!!!



...Whoa there.

Back off on the lightening you hussy. Robby don't like it that rough.

::::: | Thursday, Jul 12 2007 at 9:40 PM
::::: |


GaryJ said:

No Kidding! Yesterday the humidity felt like 99.9% ( I think it was only 35%).. but as me and my wife were heading up to PDX to see "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" ... We felt the faint tease of raindrops in the Fuddrucker's parking lot. I think we both grinned sheepishly, and I know I felt the entire population of NW Oregon sigh in collective giddy relief.

::::: | July 15, 2007 11:04 AM

Alice said:

I love the rain. It is the wind I don't like. Messes up my hair. But the rain is like a family friend. We spend so many days with it and realize its value.

::::: | July 16, 2007 11:09 PM

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