Crotch Monkey?!

Suddenly, there is 1/3 more No-Evil in my home. My trio of monkeys has become a foursome.

While I'm happy to welcome this new monkey in my humble abode, I worry that, somewhere, someone is doing a lot of evil because he no longer has the proper No-Evil monkey to remind him not to.

Seriously, Monkey, don't you have a job to do? Am I right in guessing that you've escaped from someone else's three-monkey trio?


OK, look... here's the deal...

If you're going to join my monkeys, you need a slogan... a piece of advice to offer that might better my life in some way... because all of the other monkeys here have one.

See No Evil,
Hear No Evil,
Speak No Evil,
And you would be...

"...Do No Evil Bitches."

...right. Good advice there. You can stay.

Screw No Evil


Crotch Monkey sure is smiling. Need I say more?

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