Are You A PDXER?

A friend of mine is putting together a singles group for hanging out, enjoying happy hours, etc.

The idea is basically that meeting online grows old, as does being a third wheel when all of your friends are in relationships. At the same time, the meat market scene is kind of creepy/trashy.

So, she's starting a group called PDXERS for 20s/30s singles in the city to hang out and mingle. It's not about hooking up - just meeting people and making some friends, etc.

Get all of the info HERE.

And on myspace.

Got a blog? Spread the word!

...oh, and definitely show up at the Lucky Lab in SE this coming wednesday at 7, because that's the first mingler. It's beer and board games - hopefully some silly ones, like Operation. God, I haven't played that since I was a kid.

I'll be there!

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