A Little Sensitivity Might Be In Order

Maybe it's because I spent over a decade working in radio, including experience in news radio... maybe I look at the media with a bit more of a critical eye.

I'm not one of those "blame the media!" people. That has, in my opinion, become downright cliche. I see that as being a scapegoat, as if to say "Don't blame me for not raising my children with proper values and morality! Blame the MEDIA!"

Still, there are times when I look at the media - usually specific media outlets - and say "Come on now." This is one of those times.

I was reading CNN.com over lunch and spotted an update on the tragedy in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In case you're not familiar, a passenger jet crashed after attempting to land on a wet runway. CNN had a link to actual video footage of the crash.

I clicked the link. Here's what I saw. (the plane that's attempting to land is small - in the top of the shot, moving from right to left)

I judge one of the following as being improper. Can you guess which?

plane crash

plane crash

plane crash

plane crash

sock puppets?

That last shot actually came before the plane footage.

Since I wasn't expecting an ad, what I first saw looked like baggage on the floor. I assumed I was looking at what someone shot with a video-camera.

...hang on.

"That's a fucking Sock PUPPET! What the...?!?" oh, geez. It's an ad.

sock puppets?

It didn't help that the audio for that particular ad didn't work.

Seriously, CNN, what do you think someone expects to see when they click on the words "Brazil plane crash caught on tape"?

Not a sock puppet!

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