The Bell Curve

When you're a teenager, dating takes no effort.

"You like pizza? WOW! I like pizza too! Let's make out."

At that age, by default, you have so much in common.

By your twenties, things begin to become complex. The days of school have lead to careers, with adult obligations and real world problems.

"Life sure is getting complex. It is for you too? WOW! Let's make out."

By your thirties, complexity can lead to people having less and less in common, which can lead to a lot less making out.

He has a loft in the city.
She has a house in the burbs.
He dreams of travel abroad.
She dreams of kids at home.
He likes indie bands.
She likes 80s music.
He wants a date to never end.
She has to leave before her dog wets the floor.

At what point does the bell curve begin to steer inward again? In our forties, will we see past the silly barriers we create for ourselves? In our fifties, will our plethora of life experiences begin to even out such that 'you did lots of fascinating stuff with your life' and 'I did lots of fascinating stuff with my life' evens out to the point where we simply don't give a shit and instead embrace the similarities?

I enjoy a glass of red wine on a cool night but prefer a crisp beer on a hot one... maybe you enjoy white wine or a martini, but pizza is still pizza.

I hope I don't have to wait until I'm in my sixties before there's more making out... because, well, damn...

::::: | Saturday, Jun 30 2007 at 9:29 PM
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Sharkbait said:

OMFG! You like making out? Meee too! Let's...damn!

::::: | July 1, 2007 6:29 AM

Michele M. said:

This has to be one of your more brilliant observational posts.

And by the way - the bell curve steers near-to-touching in your 40s. And the sex gets much, much bettah.


::::: | October 20, 2007 10:11 PM

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