They Go Do D-Do D-Do, Don't They My Love?

The theme for this week's playlist is more or less "non-words" without which, some songs just wouldn't be the same.

"I went because you said you'd be there
A box of candy, smoke in your hair
When I didn't know, I didn't care
But now I know. Bop-baa, bop bah ba!"

- Ben Folds, "Bruised"

In case you're curious as to why a particular song is in this playlist, here's a quick song by song non-word summary:

...Track 1: Ba-da da, Ba ba
...Track 2: Mday, Mdah, Mdayo oh oh
...Track 3: Lada Dada, doda dodada
...Track 4: Shala Lala, Lala, Lala, La
...Track 5: Bada Bop-ba, Bada Bop-ba
...Track 6: Bop-baa, bop bah ba!
...Track 7: Bop-Bahhhh, bump ba
...Track 8: Do D-Do D-Do
...Track 9: Wah-ah ah Ah Ah AH AH OW!!!
...Track 10: Bum bum bum, bop bum bum
...Track 11: Woo hoo Hoo, hoo-hoo-oo, woo

Aren't you glad I typed that out?

Thought so.

Now let's go do d-do d-do!

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