The Madness Of King George

"I salute to you Commander, and I sneeze, 'cause I have now an allergy to your policies it seems."

That's the opening line from "Yo George" by Tori Amos. It's from her new CD "American Doll Posse," and it's track one on this week's playlist. I was wowed by Yo George the moment I heard it, but the rest of American Doll Posse did nothing for me. The disk has 23 songs - ! - but it reminds me more of the Tori Amos I don't like than the one I love. It's less Little Earthquakes and more To Venus and Back. Less "Under The Pink" and "Scarlet's Walk" and more "Strange Little Girls" and "Boys For Pele." Still, Yo George is brilliant.

That makes for a good place to start this weeks playlist since the theme this week is piano - to the extent that piano is featured prominently in each of these eleven songs, though most of them are nowhere near as naked as "Yo George", with just Tori Amos and a piano.

There are some great lyrics scattered throughout this week's playlist. My personal favorite is from "Apology For An Accident" by American Music Club.

Well I've been praying a lot lately
It's because I no longer have a TV
Just a flourescent hangover to light the way
Between the things you say and the things I see

I just called you up to see
If you wanted to go out and drink a little wine
And waste some time on a rollercoaster ride
But you say it's too dangerous to lead an empty life

And I hate to see
all your sweet words just go to waste
But honey they're
a little weak for my taste

The American Music Club CD "Mercury" is one I never tire of. It's soooo dark, but it's absolutely superb.

Also, it looks like we'll get a new Spoon CD this summer. Hooray for that!

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