Songs For Couches In Alleys

Oh, oh oh... oh freaking god, how much goo can flow from one man's nose? I've been sick as hell since last THURSDAY! Note to my body: come on! I'm ready to be done with this.

...fucking cold.

By the way - who the hell named the most generic illness with such a generic name! A "cold"? COLD? Who came up with that? I guess the word "the" was overruled during the debate about whether 'right' was a term of agreement or a direction.


My fucking nose is running again.

Moving on to this week's playlist... I had a whole witty clever blah blah thingama haha I was going to write about how my couches favorite kind of music is electronic, except for love songs, naturally... but my creative energy seems to have been blown out my nose along with roughly two gallons of goo.

I'm really digging the Styrofoam track. Ben Gibbard seems to bring out pop sensibilities in anyone he works with.

Also, it's great to hear Tracey Thorn again. It's been eight years since her last Everything But The Girl studio record. I didn't realize how cool they were until long after they were no more.

Oh fuck. I have to go blow my nose again.

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