Simon's Toes

I've come to take certain things for granted.

Air, for example. When I inhale, I take for granted that there will be air to fill my lungs. I take air for granted.

Also, the sun. I take for granted the fact that the sun will rise in the morning, and set in the afternoon or evening.

Something else I've come to take for granted: Simon.

Simon is not just a best friend. He is also the best Alarm clock a guy who works out of his home could hope for.

Simon wakes me every morning at 8. If I had a rough night's sleep, odds are that he didn't get much sleep either, so he lets me sleep an extra half hour or so. In fact, I've owned the same alarm clock for years, but I've used it so rarely that I have to re-learn how to set the alarm every time I need it. Simon is THAT reliable.

...and did I mention that he's my best friend?

Poor Simon has been battling foot infections for the better part of a year now. At first, it was no big deal... he'd clean his feet more often than most cats, but that was just about it. Over the last nine months, however, he's been cleaning his feet and chewing on his claws to the point where he'd bleed. This led to several trips to the vet, and several bouts of medicines - all of which, Simon hated.

Our final attempt at curing his claw infections came this past January when Simon was put on over five weeks worth of antibiotics. "If this doesn't do it" the vet said, "I'm afraid we're talking about having him de-clawed."

Sure enough, his claws got infected again within a few weeks of finishing the medicine.


I don't feel so bad about having him de-clawed. His front claws were removed when he was a kitten, and he still thinks he's sharpening them all the time. Instead of shredding my stuff, he buffs it.

I do feel terrible about putting him through the pain of the procedure and annoyance of having his feet bandaged for a few days. But I remind myself that his feet hurt him badly, which was what took us to the vet again in the first place.

It's for his own good, but still... I feel bad.

All Simon wants is the life of a couch-cat, and I do my best to provide that for him. All I want is for him to be healthy and happy.

Simon's claws have always gotten him into trouble.

One day, Simon spotted me walking through the front door with a new bag of cat food. He jumped to his feet to take off running to greet me...


He didn't make it very far. As he leapt to his feet, he got his claws stuck in the thick carpet of the cheap apartment we were living in at the time, and did a belly flop.

Another time, Simon was lying on my previous dining room table. This was his favorite place to lounge because it gave him a bird's eye view of the apartment. I'm not sure Simon understood that a bird on the table was likely to be dinner... but, I digress.

This was another of those times when Simon probably thought something food-related was going on, because he heard a bag-like sound, and he reacted.

He jumped to his feet and then leapt from the table.

His plan was to land on a nearby chair and then jump to the floor, but the floor came sooner than Simon had expected. He unintentionally put a claw through the tablecloth, and it came sliding along with him, dragging him - and it - to the ground.

FWUMP!!! (again)

I dropped Simon off at the vet on Wednesday to have the de-claw procedure done, which explains why I woke this morning at 11am instead of 8. There was no Simon to wake me.

I'm headed over there now to bring him home, and I'm thrilled to do so. We're a team, he and I. As soon as his toes heal from the surgery (and from his pre-surgery chewing and infection), he will be foot-problem free.

No more bloody toes, no more itch, itch, itch. No more pain.


No more FWUMP!!!! ?

...not likely.

::::: | Friday, Mar 09 2007 at 4:51 PM
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chantel said:

I'm sorry about Simon sweets. I know how much you love your kitties and you've already been through so much. I hope Simon is doing well; take care.

::::: | March 10, 2007 9:51 AM

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