A Study Of Smutty Sustenance?

Oh. My. God.

I'm doing research for something I'll be sharing here soon, and - though it's totally unrelated to what I'm looking for - I came across... well...

This is awesome!

Welcome, friends of the asinine, to the wide and wonderful world of Rude Food. Only here will your scholarly curiosity be rewarded with a rare glimpse into the global study of smutty sustenance.

...it's Rude Food!

Big Nuts, Belchers Sausage, Bimbo Sandwich Pequeno... and Cock-A-Leekie soup?


P.S. I realize I should point out that I was, in no way, looking for smut! That's the beauty of the internet though. There's always smut. Plenty of smut.

No matter how innocent the topic...

...you'll still find smut.

God bless George Bush's internets. Each and every one!

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