walk through rain
clothes are wet
laugh splash flirt
we've just met


stumble out
from the bar
to my place?
it's not far

...I don't

touch my hand
tensions rise
nerves can foil
calm disguise

...I don't know

look at me
look away
what is night
was mid day

...I don't know if

there we sit
by the fire
our wet clothes
in the dryer

...I don't know if I

one more drink
fuel a fuck
god damn wine
cork is stuck

...I don't know if I should

* * * * * * * * * * *

Jonatha Brooke is a babe. Her seventh studio album will be released on April 3rd, and I'll be excited to hear it.

On her album from 2001, "Steady Pull", there's a song called "How Deep Is Your Love" in which she rattles off lyrics in a sort of stream of consciousness. The song is about the beginning of a relationship where everything is both terribly exciting and completely uncertain.

The song has absolutely nothing to do with what I've written above, in content or structure, other than that in her song are the words "fuel for thought", which I mistook for "fuel a fuck."

That seemed like such a powerful phrase! I felt disappointed when I realized I'd gotten it wrong. But the phrase stuck with me. And then, one day last winter, while writing as the rain fell outside my windows, I jotted down the above.

No idea why I never posted it.

Sometimes, I'll write something and then think "no, that's crap." And I shelve it. Looking back, I rather enjoy this one.

And there it is.

And now you know.

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