I'm Thinking Of Starting A Line Of Evil-Voodoo Greeting Cards

Every week, when I post one of these playlists, I resist the temptation to say that this one is my favorite.

...but this one is my favorite! Grin.

Being that Valentines Day is on Thursday (kidding!!!), the theme for this week's playlist is obvious. It's about love, and the journey that is love. And this week, I went a little overboard.

If you listen to only one of these songs, let it be Duncan Sheik's "For You", because that's what love is all about, in my opinion. Then again, if you're in need of a bit of angst, Ben Folds' "Song For The Dumped" is as good as it gets. Or hHead, with the fantastic lyric "Thought you said you'd die for me. Now I know you lied to me." Ha!

The entire playlist is a 360 degree view of love, beginning with being asked on a date, followed by finding love, then breaking up. Oh the bitterness! But it continues through grieving, acceptance and moving on before ending with the optimism of "I believe that my life's gonna see the love I give returned to me."

    Being, And Love
    This week's playlist is really broken down into four parts, as follows:

    Part One: Dating

  1. Intro (a snipit fro Meryn Cadell)
  2. So Impossible | Dashboard Confessional
  3. Unemployed Boyfriend | Everclear
  4. A Girl Like You | Pete Yorn
  5. Think I'm In Love | Beck

    Part Two: Love

  6. Intro (The Wait | Meryn Cadell)
  7. For You | Duncan Sheik
  8. I Will Follow You Into The Dark | Death Cab for Cutie
  9. Subversives | Lowest Of The Low
  10. Start With The Ending | David Wilcox

    Part Three: ARGH! (loss)

  11. Intro (Being In Love | Meryn Cadell)
  12. Song For The Dumped | Ben Folds Five
  13. So Long, Baby | The Wedding Present
  14. Spare Me The Details | The Offspring
  15. Jerk | hHead

    Part Four: Sigh (moving on)

  16. Intro (Bumble Bee | Meryn Cadell)
  17. A Man/Me/Then Jim | Rilo Kiley
  18. Getting Over You | Miles Hunt
  19. Good Life | Francis Dunnery
  20. Wheel | John Mayer

The title to this post is taken from "Bumble Bee". It's track 16.

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Christa said:

I always enjoy the playlists! Thanks for continuing to turn me on to new music.

::::: | February 12, 2007 1:18 AM

Jay said:

well crap, now I have to listen to your radio thing to find out what that quote is all about because it's hilarious

Evil voodoo greeting cards Rob?

::::: | February 13, 2007 11:42 PM

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