Give Me Grace And Dahncing Feet

Though this week's playlist begins similar to last week's piano playlist, it quickly heads all over the place.

I love the sad, paranoid lines of When You Never Thought You'd Stand Out:

I don't know what everyone was looking at
I don't care what everyone was laughing at
I don't know what everyone was staring at
but I think
I think that it's me.

That's track 1, below.

The Blow is a cool Portland band ('band'?). Also, it drives me nuts that the new Tragically Hip CD was released in Canada last year, but it still hasn't been released in the U.S! Jeez.

EDIT! Updated 02/27/07: Look at what just got added to the iTunes Store today... World Container, by The Tragically Hip. Hhhmmm... I thought it wasn't getting released here in the states until March 6th.

Better late (yet a week early) than never.

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